Supporting Health Care For 25,000 In North Of Haiti


Haiti Village Health has been operating in Haiti for six years, depending on donations, grants and sponsorships. HVH's founder Dr. Tiffany Keenan, needed a website that will help raise awareness of their medical and sanitation programs, attract funds and encourage volunteer efforts.

- Content Management System (CMS) that is easy to maintain
- Search engine optimized (SEO)
- Integration of social media and social media sharing incorporation of multimedia through existing accounts (YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo)
- English and French capability
- Blog, registration forms, newsletter submission forms


Website structure
The firsts step was to create an information architecture for the website. Working with the Haiti Village Health team,  Eric Doubt and Marnie Hughes, organized the information into main pillars - About, Programs, Get Involved, News, Blog, Resources. Based on our knowledge of the target audience, we determined the layout of the home page that serves as a launching pad and guides visitors to all internal pages. 

Website navigation 
- Proper navigation throughout the site was extremely important, as well as our goal to make the reader very much aware of HVH's health programs in Haiti. Andrea Dubravsky, who leads our web development team, set up numerous modules that present additional information (e.g. blog articles, or additional info for volunteers) on relevant pages. Breadcrumbs and side menus help visitors to know exactly where they are no matter which page of the site they land on. 

Search engine optimization - 
The website is built on a content management system and according to the principles of search engine optimization. Marnie Hughes - our professional SEO copywriter - conducted a thorough keyword research and prepared the website copy. The HVH team can fully maintain the website, submit new articles, photos and videos. We chose a system that allows for each article to be optimized for specific keywords which improves the site's accessibility on the Internet. All urls are SEO friendly and images are properly described.

Social media sharing - 
HVH already has a presence on Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr and YouTube. We have used a special plug-in to stream the content from these channels on to the website. This serves a dual purpose: 
1. Each social media account is an added online presence which links to the website and drives traffic  
2. The HVH team can easily stream the content to the site without having to upload it manually.

Training and future support 
- Andrea Dubravsky provides training on how to maintain the website and how to apply the principles of SEO during Skype conferences and with an easy to follow website manual. We are always available for future support and do regular website back-ups and system upgrades, as well as recommend new functionality based on the client's evolving business needs.