20th Anniversary

Thank you!

To each of our clients, associates and production partners – past and present
Thank you for the experience

I created Communication Associates in 1994. No bricks and mortar, leased cars or paid staff, but rather, a mobile, creative, cost-conscious team that could work anytime, anywhere, on any challenge. 

We were important to our clients because of both depth of talent and scope of offerings. We were different from the dominant downtown competitors because we delivered better, faster, cheaper and operated 24/7. Our approach was tried and tested as clients took a chance on a new paradigm and gave us their challenges and trust.

Over the next 20 years, advertising became marketing communications and Sales discovered the customer. Screens replaced note pads and art boards, and messages were digitized to 1s and 0s. The last generation of mad men sired boys with digital toys and the office is now in the palm of a hand. With our heads in the cloud, virtual has become real.

Everything keeps changing, as it always will. By continuing to evolve innovative marketing ideas and technologies for business, and by maintaining a bright and client centric team, Communication Associates stays relevant. 

Our model flies even higher, but experience keeps us grounded. For that, we have a long list of appreciative clients to thank, businesses that value relationship as much as we do.

Whether you are a local client or an international organization, whether a large manufacturer or a tiny, far-away non-profit NGO, your marketing challenge is our business and your trust is our reward. 

Thank you,

Eric Doubt-Presidentcrumbs on an empty plate