CA Business Of The Month

ca business of monthWe are proud to have played a role in the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce and in the marketing of local service organizations and businesses. Thank you for your support and the Business of the Month nomination. Communication Associates has offered integrated marketing communications solutions since 1994.

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Covering Your Web Assets

catherding5As a marketing manager, herding your many web assets into a digital corral is not always something you can pay specific attention to or have enough time for. These valuables would include: domain names, content, accounts, permission tools and contact info for all web services providers. As a web project progresses through various phases towards launch and beyond, this indispensible information multiplies and gets scattered into emails, project documents and databases, or even lost.

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Is Fuchsia Right?

altAs a marketing manager, successfully guiding a new corporate identity for your company, or evolving the existing one, is as much an act of diplomacy as it is of creativity. If building identity for a new firm, you may find that: your CEO likes fuchsia; your marketing team favours illustrative imagery while the design firm is adamant about the effect of simple symbolism; and every question has competing answers.

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Canadian Institute of Marketing Execs join forces for a Mauritian Charity

grant lee blogShiv Seechurn, MCInst.M., RPM - registrar and Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM executive director of the Canadian Institute of Marketing met in a Goodlands, Mauritius on January 7 to help distribute new school books to children from families who had fallen on hard times. Bridging Education with Needy Children is a 4-year initiative that distributed its first bundles of books in 2011 to 26 boys and girls.

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Village health - no cholera, no obesity, healthy babies - but need for basic, ongoing primary care.

 haiti09We tackle another long walk though countryside, along the beach and across a backwater by boat to the isolated village of Guiotin. We see rice fields, cattle, pigs, goats and fishing. As we arrive, the villagebyways are being swept clean ahead of us. Again the church is the ideal venue – cool and large - for the pediatric clinic for today. A pregnant lady carefully folds and stores the church’s linens so the tables can be used for the pharmacy. I spend hours standing – controlling the line ups and traffic flow, helping to weigh and measure children, holding some newborns offered to me by amused mothers.

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